The HD

Henry Dickens Community Centre provides residents and the wider community with a safe and happy place to be. It’s home to Latimer Community Art Therapy and where we also hold an array of regular groups such as our Communi-tea coffee mornings, chat and craft group, pilates and yoga. And of course all the groups for our younger members of the community.

Adult Timetable Term time 2022
Young People's Timetable Term Time 2022

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The work at Henry Dickens has developed as the community needs have grown and this is now a thriving service for adults, families, children and young people, providing a safe space, educational, creative and physical activities underpinned with a therapeutic ethos and run concurrently with access to the art psychotherapy services. Additional wellbeing activities, adult coffee mornings and community events have also been developed in response to the community needs. The co-working and shared thinking between professionals at Henry Dickens allow for a holistic multidisciplinary approach when working with vulnerable people.

Kids Club

The Henry Dickens Kids’ Club grew alongside Latimer Community Art Therapy, from the need to provide continued support to all the children and young people who gravitated to the community space in the immediate aftermath of The Grenfell  fire. Latimer Community Art Therapy (LCAT)became the umbrella company and The HD community team was formed by the residents and local qualified youth team that were brought in to strengthen the provision. Both teams  have at their core a desire to provide a safe, welcoming space that empowers the community to take control of their own healing and development process. The coexistence and close working relationship of both the LCAT Art Psychotherapy team and The HD Community Team has created a unique environment where high quality support is accessible when needed.

The HD Kids’ Club has a child centred approach and the children are very much involved in the planning and decision making processes, underpinned with both professional expertise and highly experienced local support. The five pillars on which we build the work that we do are:

  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health
  • Education
  • Creativity
  • Community Values

We believe that by applying these values throughout the work that we do, we can support our young people as they experience the many challenging issues that this particular pocket of West London continues to face.

We don’t claim that we have a magic solution to any of these issues, but our collective expertise and local depth of experience does enable us to assist children and young people in learning how to navigate such issues for themselves.

KIDS CLUB is held on MONDAY, TUESDAY, FRIDAY from 3:15-5:30 and SATURDAY from 12-3pm during term time. And MON-Saturday 12-3pm during school holidays.

HD FutureHood

HD FutureHood runs every Wednesday from 4pm – 5.30 and is open to all children who live in Henry Dickens Court who are currently in Key stage 2.

What is FutureHood?

FutureHood is a junior residents’ association created by the children on the Henry Dickens Estate. The children of FutureHood love to design, create and change unused space into lovely calm areas. FutureHood have successfully completed many projects. FutureHood were instrumental in changing the room under Carton House such as knocking on all the doors in the estate.  The room wasn’t being used and had nothing but old, rusty, not used washing machines.

Currently, the room under Carton house is now used for one to one art therapy sessions. We also use the space for storage of art supplies.

FutureHood’s latest project is to change the dangerous, boring rocket slide, spiky bushes and badly thought out space. We would like fun activities for all ages and abilities.

Open (to all) Heart Surgery

Sophie’s hearts helped so many of us in the days after the fire and have continued to bring us together in a safe and calming way, to produce something beautiful together. These hearts are taken with us on the silent march every month. This group helps take care of and create new hearts.

Youth RA

Youth RA Residents group for young people. WEDNESDAY 6-7:30pm

The Youth RA – Is a group for young residents of the Henry Dickens Estate that wish to both discuss and become involved in their local community. This group aims to enable our young people to both construct and voice their opinions on local issues. The group aims to then facilitate a dialogue between the group and external stakeholders such as the council, the Senior RA and potential funders. This group also aims to facilitate tangible change centred around our young people’s needs and how they can implement their visions for the estate in the future. We hope this group lays down foundations for our young people to continue to be engaged and participate within their local community as they grow older.

Youth Club

YOUTH CLUB Open to 13-18 year olds. THURSDAY 6-8pm

Our Youth sessions aim to provide a safe space in which young people are given the opportunity to take part in a range of activities whilst building relationships with their peers and our team. The sessions are open access and we try to facilitate the activities available giving our young people the opportunity to cook, make artwork, play games and sports or just hang out with their friends.

We aim to instil a caring culture and enable the young people to communicate their needs whilst also enabling them to relax, have fun and build resilience to the external pressures they may face.

We work in partnership with the LCAT clinical team which enables referrals and gives the potential for all our young people to access Art Psychotherapy.

Alice Davies

Alice Davies currently works at Avondale primary school in the local community and co-facilitates a monthly creative respite group at the V&A museum, who have collaborated with LCAT to provide support to adults in the Grenfell community. Alice began her work with LCAT by co-facilitating open Art Therapy groups for children at the Henry Dickens Community Centre during the aftermath of the Grenfell fire. Alice also works for the NHS, where she specialises in perinatal Art Psychotherapy.

Alice Patrick

Alice Patrick is an Art Psychotherapist based at St. Francis of Assisi Primary School, where she works one day a week. Alongside her LCAT work Alice works as an Art Psychotherapist in paediatrics, supporting children and young people with complex health conditions, following traumatic accidents or illness and during mental health crises.

Beulah Lambert

Beulah Lambert has been working for LCAT since its conception in June 2017. She works for LCAT at St Mary’s Primary School and Bevington Primary School with individuals and groups. Beulah also sees individual clients at Henry Dickens Community Centre where she co-runs the adolescent open art therapy group with Jermaine McLeod.

Clare O’Leary

Clare O’Leary grew up in North Kensington, and qualified as an Art Psychotherapist in 2005. She has extensive experience in local educational and community mental health settings, with both children, young people and adults. Clare is currently working at the Clement James Centre, where she co-facilitates the open Art Therapy group with primary aged children.

Dean Reddick

Dean Reddick is an Art Psychotherapist with over twenty years experience of working with children and families including working in schools, CAMHS, social care settings and the private and voluntary sectors. Dean has taught on Art Therapy trainings at Goldsmiths, University of London and Hertfordshire University and supervises Art Therapists and educational staff. He has published several articles on Art Therapy and is co-editor of the book ‘Art Therapy in the Early Years’. He is a practicing artist and a member of an artists’ collective who organise free community exhibitions.

Eloise Raab

Eloïse Raab is of dual nationality and works fluently in French, Spanish and English. After graduating she pursued her interest in working with refugees and asylum seekers in a central London based refugee centre. After this, Eloïse worked for Ganga Prem Hospice in Rishikesh, India, researching the gap between eastern and western practices in palliative care. Eloïse has since focused her therapeutic work on supporting children and adolescents in primary and secondary schools in the UK, as well as continuing to develop her skills as an artist and printmaker.

Emma Adler

Emma Adler has worked with children and young people in education and community settings across London for 12 years and qualified as an Art Psychotherapist in 2013. She has worked for the past four years in the North Kensington community, in Avondale School and the Henry Dickens Community Centre where she currently works with children, young people and their families in weekly individual sessions and a closed Art Therapy group.

Holly Caldecourt

Art Psychotherapist & Schools Lead

Holly Caldecourt is an Art Psychotherapist with a vast experience of working with community groups across all ages with a focus on the arts and mental health. She is currently the lead of the LCAT Art Therapy schools service working across a number of primary schools in North Kensington. Holly is the Art Therapist for Colville Primary School and also provides outreach sessions. As well as her work for LCAT she supports new and emerging artists with an accessible gallery space in east London.

Jermaine McLeod

Jermaine McLeod has an experienced background in supporting children in residential care. He currently works at St Thomas’ CE Primary School and at the Henry Dickens Community Centre where he co-facilitates an Art Therapy group with Beulah Lambert for local adolescents. Jermaine is also committed to developing his skills as an artist.

Mari Ebbitt

Mari Ebbitt has worked in a wide range of services across LCAT. This has involved working in schools as well as the wider community with adults and children providing individual and group Art Therapy. She has also co-facilitated a monthly respite group which was run in partnership with the V&A museum. Alongside her work at LCAT, she is employed as an Art Psychotherapist for the Psychology in Hostels Project, which specialises in providing psychological support to clients within homeless hostels.

Pasha Moinuddin

Pasha Moinuddin is the lead for the LCAT older adult service which provides important outreach to clients and their carers living in the community, this work is done through a partnership forged with Age UK Kensington and Chelsea. Pasha also facilitates an open Art Psychotherapy group at a local housing scheme. She has extensive experience working in the borough within older adult mental health. Pasha’s initial work with LCAT began by providing therapeutic support at LCAT’s safe spaces. She continues to pursue her interest in printmaking and research into the combination of embodied aesthetics and the theory of Art Therapy.

Ros Taylor

Ros Taylor is an Art Psychotherapist who has worked with children and young people for over ten years. Her own experience as a mother gave her the impetus to set up and run Art Therapy groups for new mothers. Through LCAT, Ros works three days a week at a primary school and co-facilitates a Painting Together Group for parents and babies and toddlers at the Henry Dickens Community Centre. Ros works on an ad-hoc basis for a London-based postnatal depression charity. She has recently contributed to a book on Art Therapy in pregnancy, birth and new parenthood.

Sara Simon

Sara Simon is an Art Psychotherapist with experience of working for schools, local organisations and international charities, offering emotional support to vulnerable children, young people and their families. For LCAT, Sara is based at a local primary school and in a community centre, where she co-facilitates two closed groups for primary aged children. Sara is fluent in both English and Italian and is able to offer Art Therapy in both languages.

Susan Rudnik

Founder and Director

Susan Rudnik is a state registered Art Psychotherapist and clinical supervisor and a local resident. Since qualification in 2006 Susan has specialised in working with children and adolescents working within the NHS, schools and in private practice. Susan is a Lecturer on the MA Art Psychotherapy at Goldsmiths and a member of APPG (Art Psychotherapy Practice Group). Susan currently works within Paediatrics at Chelsea and Westminster hospital.

Victoria Timmis

Victoria Timmis is an Art Psychotherapist with experience working therapeutically with children and young people in educational settings, and with adults both in palliative care and within the NHS. She currently works in early years at Golborne and Maxilla Children’s Centre and supports children at Oxford Gardens and St Charles primary schools. Alongside this she is developing her practice as a ceramic artist.