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Latimer Community Art Therapy (LCAT) was formed as a response to the tragedy at Grenfell Tower by Susan Rudnik, an art psychotherapist and local resident of the Henry Dickens estate.

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The art therapy service began on the 17th of June at the Community Centre on the Henry Dickens estate, this was the first therapeutic space to open in the area. With the help and support of local residents donations were cleared and an art therapy room made possible. Art Therapists held a space for the young people in the centre, as some art therapists went out on the street and facilitated an outdoor space on Walmer Road where teenagers spontaneously and collectively made a memorial. This initial work in the community held some of the immediate raw and painful feelings and became the building blocks of the LCAT service we now have.

Throughout this early stage the therapeutic spaces were kept confidential, protected from public and press intrusion and the artwork made in private sessions was not on public display. These important boundaries in art therapy allowed for a safe space to develop and be trusted in the community. 

All LCAT therapists are DBS checked, are trained to a Masters level in Art Psychotherapy and registered with the Health Care Professionals Council. Art Therapy remains an important form of therapy for those recovering from the trauma our community has experienced. LCAT are dedicated to providing much needed locally-based and long term therapeutic support for the community and have many different services for all ages, across North Kensington. We remain community led and community focused whilst being networked with other services to ensure safety and consistency.


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